Snacks for diabetes - Rules to keep in mind

Forget everything you heard about sugar-free, taste-free, fun-free snacks specially made for diabetic folks. Here’s what you need to know about snacking smart.

Snacking is often connected to unhealthy habits. We are here to break the myth. Snacking, especially for people with diabetes who have meals 4-6 times per day in small portions, is a break they take from the mundane. Snacks need not be off-limits if you are living with diabetes if your snack follows the thumb rules.

Rules for healthy snacking

  •       High in fiber
  •       High in protein
  •       Nutrient-dense
  •       Sources of healthy fats
  •       Low in added sugars

Don’t let poorly chosen snacks that are high in calories, saturated fat, sodium, and sugar can lead to weight gain, elevated blood pressure, and out-of-control blood glucose. Here’s what you need to keep in mind while smart-snacking.

Snack smart with BSweet

  •   Time your snacks
  •   It’s what on the inside that counts
  •   Let dips not tempt you
  •   Don’t eat what you can’t read

Whether you are diabetic or not, our body needs what it deserves. Respect your body and make healthy choices. BSweet came into being on this note - Everybody deserves tasty, healthy, simple snacks. We continue to look for the best ways to exceed our customer’s expectations and put a smile on their face.

Let the snacking commence!

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