Worst snacking habits for your waistline

Those late-night visits to the fridge or snack counter, the mindless munchings while watching television or working, the stress eating snacks that are conveniently kept on reach – NEWSFLASH!  These stellar habits are ruining your waistline goal. 

Here’s a breakdown of the 4 worst snacking habits you need to break up with. 


Those small snack packs you buy leaving behind the big ones, assuming ‘smaller the better’. Well, you are wrong. No matter how small they are, if they are packed with calories it still fails the purpose. Tip: Go for a bigger pack but low-in calories. 

Carbs, carbs, carbs!

Carbs are good but not snacks that leave out proteins. We end up going overboard with the traditional carb-heavy snacks that will lead to weight gain and belly fat. Tip: Make sure your snacks have this combination – protein + carb + fat, which will keep your belly full, and calories under control.

Straight from the bag

Convenience yet comes with a consequence. When we choose to go straight from the bag of chips we mindlessly finish the entire bag without realizing the amount we are consuming. Tip: Even if you choose a healthy snack, measure the portion you need, transfer it in a bowl and enjoy. 

Distracted snacking

Snacking in front of the television or while working is something we often do. It almost feels like the best combination ever, huh? But, it turns out that it is the worst recipe for weight loss. Tip: Practice mindful eating. Look at what you are eating, relish the taste and enjoy the experience.

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